Welcome to our new Long Island Red Hat Events Calendar!!!
Any excuse for laughter, friendship and play with other Long Island redhatters.

Clad in our red gloves, red hat popped on our heads and purple outfits, we are delighted to announce the creation of our new website to bring together and connect all Long Island Red Hat Chapters. This will give the many chapters on Long Island an opportunity to meet and join other red hatters and share new adventures, new restaurants, or new (anything) here on Long Island, or away.

All events listed will have a chapter name and contact number, so please plan on joining these events by contacting the chapter via telephone or email. We feel this should be done by the Queen for her chapter.

We do ask that all events be sponsored by Red Hat Chapters only, and not travel agents or independent travel groups. This will keep us all on our red painted toenails. If you are planning a Red Hat Event and would like to invite other Red Hat sisters to join, just send the information to me along with your chapter name and contact number and I will be happy to list this for all to read.

Contact me by email: Click Here.